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Development history of coffee
14 November, 2020

If you are a coffee addict, there are more or less stories about it. So have you ever wondered how coffee appeared, why is it called coffee, where does it come from, why is Vietnam growing so much coffee? So the development history of coffee like?

Coffee is a beverage brewed from roasted coffee beans, obtained from the fruit of the coffee tree. The cultivars are native to tropical Africa and the regions of Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and Reunion in the Indian Ocean. This variety is exported from Africa to countries around the world and is now grown in a total of more than 70 countries, mainly in the equatorial regions of the Americas, Southeast Asia, and India. and Africa.

The roots of the coffee tree

Tales of the teeth in 1671, the goatsmen in Kaffa (modern Ethiopia) discovered some goats in the herd after eating a branch with white flowers and red fruit ran tirelessly until midnight. They took this story with the monks at a nearby monastery. When one of the goats tasted the red fruit he confirmed its effectiveness. Then the monks went through the grazing area of the goats and discovered a tree with dark green leaves and cherry-like fruit. They drank the juice from that fruit and stayed alert and talked until late at night. Thus, it can be considered that thanks to this herd of goats, people have known coffee trees.

Coffee development history

The first coffee tree was only grown in Africa and Arab, but later distributed in many other parts of the world with favorable weather conditions. The Dutch popularized coffee farming in their colonial lands. In 1710 European merchants brought coffee trees and planted them in the botanical gardens in Europe. Amsterdam is the first place where coffee plants sprouted on continental Europe.



Coffee is grown and widely grown in the world
As the competition for coffee intensified as demand for the drink grew, the Arabs were unable to maintain their monopoly position and let other countries obtain seedlings. Missionaries, tourists, merchants and colonial guides continued to carry coffee beans around the world, being planted everywhere. As a result, within 100 years, many different types of coffee appeared and coffee was the most popular commodity in the world. In the 18th century, coffee became one of the most profitable crops for export in the world.


Coffee in Vietnam

The first coffee plantations established in Vietnam were established by the French near Ke So, in the North in 1888. Arabica coffee (ie tea coffee) was grown in the riverside. After cultivation, coffee spread to Phu Ly, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Kon Tum and Di Linh. In 1937-1938 a total of 13,000 hectares of coffee in the territory of Vietnam, providing 1,500 tons of coffee. Currently, Vietnam has three main types of coffee, which are coffee tea (arabica), coffee with Robusta (Robusta), coffee jackfruit (lyberica).


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