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16 November, 2020

Coffee story As we know coffee is an indispensable drink in everyday life. With the hustle and bustle of life like a race, it makes us tired and then we catch a taste of coffee, a taste that settles us, and after those moments we start to continue the run was more alert and focused.

The story of coffee comes to life 

One morning nodding, the listless face reaches our organs that have not yet awakened,
a cup of coffee helps us to refresh and start the day with a real chalky flavor.
Then there are noon days, we gradually fall into our midday dream, the numbers,
the data make us like in a mess, a cup of coffee dissolves all the dreams,
and we resume work one after another. the most sober way.
Then there will be tiring afternoons again,
you will be dragging on the long path with many thoughts,
you come home with a face like a lost life,


Coffee philosophy

Another problem that we have not thought of, sounds ridiculous, but it is true, that coffee can keep the body warm, especially iced coffee. It should not be surprising because it is simply because everyone knows the caffeine content of coffee, this factor increases the speed of metabolism by stimulating the release of fatty acids from the fatty tissues of the body. increase in body temperature. It doesn't sound very convincing but it's true, try it out this winter!

Every spring comes home to a cup of coffee, each story is shared about the past year and the plans for the new year or simply sit together quietly, in the cold weather, asking a cup of hot coffee, enjoy the New Year's Eve together.

Coffee is something that doesn't need you to be rich or poor, an engineer or a handler, you can easily get it, a friend that adds a fresh flavor to your journey.

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