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Instant coffee production process

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Instant coffee production process
14 November, 2020

Instant coffee production according to standards

Instant coffee processing is a process that is unfamiliar to people who are accustomed to using filter coffee. The article also helps people understand that the use of instant coffee is not only an advancement of processing technology, but much more.

The roasted coffee beans are then ground to make coffee powder or processed into instant coffee.

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        Instant coffee production process is in accordance with standards

The extraction process aims to collect the dissolved substances in the roasted coffee powder into water. Use hot water at 80 - 90 ° C to extract. Do not use water with a higher temperature because it will extract substances that are not good for the product.


Coffee powder for instant coffee production should be large in size and extracted many times to limit the amount of fine powder dissolved deep into the water when extracted.


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