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Controversy about Vietnamese cafe culture
26 September, 2023

“Vietnamese people usually sit in cafes for a long time and use the internet, but they only order one beverage. That's not good for the shopkeeper. In my opinion, the shopkeeper should charge 100-200,000 VND service fee while sitting in the restaurant.
Japanese man Riso Yoshida has just posted a status on the fanpage "Teach me Vietnamese".
“Please order more food and drinks at the cafe. Vietnamese people often sit in cafes for a long time and use the internet, but they only order one beverage. That's not good for the shopkeeper. They should call more. I observed that they never ordered any more food or drink, only 1 glass of water and sat there for a long time. I can drink a cup of coffee with milk in 5 seconds, 20ml. How can I spend 1 hour just drinking 1 cup of coffee and milk?
“Every time I go for coffee with Vietnamese friends, they are very surprised by me. Because I order 5-10 drinks in an hour. I feel very thirsty while talking and I think sitting in a cafe for too long without ordering anything would be very embarrassing. In my opinion, coffee shops should charge 100-200,000 VND service fee while sitting in the cafe. Good for the economy ".
As soon as this status was posted, the online community took place a mixed debate.

Trai Nhật và văn hóa uống cafe của Việt Nam

Japanese mussels and Vietnamese coffee drinking culture
The Vietnamese are "king" wasting time
Many people expressed interest and approval of this Japanese guy's comment.

Facebooker Dr. Xuan commented: “I love your idea as well as your point of view. We Vietnamese people have a style of agriculture, they are slow to do everything they do, and it is not uncommon for them to spend more than a whole day drinking just a cup of coffee.

“I remember in the past when I went to school, as a daily routine, I used to buy a cup of take away coffee as soon as I jumped off the bus. It takes about 15 minutes for both breakfast and coffee to finish my coffee, just the way I walk from Ben Thanh to Nguyen Khac Nhu (District 1). Yet I was teased by many friends, are you learning that Western style? I force a smile, it hurts, because my friends often eat and drink during class or drop out of school to drink coffee all morning.

Member Hoang Van said: “With the same opinion as you, sitting for more than 2 hours I still ask for a third glass of water. The reason why many of you sit back with just 1 cup / person is because the restaurant needs customers more than customers need the restaurant, so the restaurant needs to serve well no matter how unintentional the customer is. Each person behaves by himself, in which the people around him evaluate you ".

Facebooker Tyler Nguyen joined: “I go back to Vietnam and still order a lot of coffee or food while in the restaurant because I know I'll sit for a long time. No business person is happy to see the situation of sitting for so long ”.

Facebooker Manh Cuong Tran shares: “Because it is the culture of enjoying coffee in your country and in the West. The busy life of an industrial society like Japan does not allow people to have a lot of time to enjoy a true cup of coffee, often it is also in a rush ”.

“Vietnamese people enjoy coffee and sip it one at a time, feel the coffee drops dissolve in their mouth and the fragrance is strong in the nasal cavity. On this point I find a very similarity to the Japanese tea ceremony, a very elegant culture.

Paying 100-200 thousand dong for the service fee is absurd

Disagreeing with the point of charging extra service fees while sitting in the restaurant, facebooker Do Duy Khanh commented: “Are you sure it's good for the economy? No Vietnamese person pays 100-200 thousand for the service fee. The drink fee is inclusive of the service charge. If so, people will choose iced tea and sidewalk shops, cafes will not exist or very difficult to survive if they collect such extra money ”.

Facebooker Hoang Anh shared: “It is not necessary to call 5 or 10 cups of coffee in an hour. Not to mention health if drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day is harmful to health. There is also no need to charge a service fee because the service fee is already charged by the owner for the coffee. But there are many situations such as 4 or 5 people who only order 1 or 2 cups of coffee to play cards from morning to afternoon and call for filtered water using wifi and air conditioning. Thus, the shopkeeper will lose money ”.

Should "join custom"

Many opinions expressed frustration with the way this Japanese boy gave advice. They said that he should learn more about the culture and customs of the Vietnamese people.

“Not only in Vietnam but all other countries are like that, like McDonald's, Burger King, or Starbucks, customers just buy an ice cream or a cup of coffee, they don't even buy anything and maybe stayed there for hours, chatting, using free wifi, studying, reading ... without any staff coming to chase them ”.

“Not only in Vietnam but other countries are like that. Just because you order 5-10 cups of coffee an hour doesn't mean you can recommend us to be like you. This is Vietnam, join the custom. ”- Nickname Tuong Van Tran commented.

Facebooker Tran Minh Cong said: “Each country has a different culture. In Vietnam, the coffee shop is like their second home. Although they drink a little, but every day they visit a familiar coffee shop to enjoy the familiar atmosphere in their favorite coffee shop ”.

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