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Saigon Coffee Culture
03 December, 2020

Saigon life is busy and busy like an endless reel, rolling its children keep spinning and spinning. Busy going to school and going to work, but talented Saigonese still find quiet moments, to sit in a street-side cafe, sip a bitter cup of coffee, sometimes enjoy a cigarette. chives. Perhaps that is also one of the many things that make up the culture and way of life of Saigon people.

Coffee and culture of Saigon people

Coffee is a popular drink in many countries around the world. But each place has its own culture of drinking coffee. For example, busy Americans often like take-away coffee, Italians can sit quietly for hours with their coffee, the French sit and drink coffee to watch the girls walking on the street ... What about the Vietnamese and the Saigonese?

Each part of the world exists a different coffee "culture"

For a long time, I read that Vietnamese people like coffee, really like it. But the coffee drinking culture between Hanoi and Saigon is completely different.

Time to drink coffee:
In Saigon: often drink coffee with a lot of ice in the morning before going to work
In Hanoi: often drink coffee when going out at night before… going to bed
If you order a brown cup:
In Saigon: you will be brought a black coffee by the owner
In Hanoi: you will get 1 cup of coffee with added milk
If you want to drink coffee with milk:
In Saigon: please give me a glass of faint silver

In Hanoi: if you order a glass of silver faint you will get an answer - no, or you are considered ... crazy.

Saigon Coffee has a very unique culture, at first glance it looks messy, messy, but in fact there are many styles, which can satisfy many coffee "followers" of other cultures. together. The North people who come to Saigon several times will not be able to understand why the black water, smelling coffee and sweet like "black bean tea" is so popular with Saigon people. At night, day and night, Saigon people can drink coffee at any time. From sidewalk cafes to luxury shops that cost a glass equal to a day's salary as a daily laborer, there are customers every opening the door.

The black water, smelling coffee and sweet smell like "black bean tea" - "gu" coffee of the Saigonese.

Many people joked that the reason coffee in Saigon is so sweet and pale is that the people of Saigon are sweet, not bitter. Every morning in Saigon, you will not be difficult to see the image of a middle-aged man, sitting calmly on a toad chair at a simple cafe, watching every drop of coffee dripping down a small glass. 

In Saigon, there are cafes everywhere, from the corner of the alley to the boulevards. No one can accurately count how many cafes in Saigon because the coffee chart here is so detailed and constantly changing like a starry sky. The convenience of cafes in Saigon is so popular that it appears most in the daily life of the people here. Guests, work desks, meeting friends, quiet self-reflection - life, want to relax ... are all done at the coffee shop.

"Have some coffee today !!!" is a familiar solicitation of the people of Saigon

It could be a sophisticated, opulent cafe with air conditioning, and expensive decorations. Or maybe the coffee shop is just a plastic basket containing some old glasses in the corner of the electric pole with low chairs for guests to sit. Just yesterday, on the familiar way to work, you also noticed a crowded coffee shop, maybe this morning it had disappeared, a disappearance left a little regret in you. And maybe when you open the door, in front of your house is an uninvited coffee shop! Why does Saigon coffee have such a strong vitality?

It is not difficult to find a coffee shop to sip in Saigon

Coffee has been and is an indispensable cultural feature of the Saigon people. In addition to its use to keep you awake for a hard working day, coffee is also a spiritual dish, a meeting place for friends, partners, and an ideal dating ... If you are not human Saigon but having the opportunity to come to this city, take time to taste the feeling of drinking coffee on the street corner, taste the feeling of being Saigonese.


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